Time for a change – The Naughty Dietitian!

Just under 2 years ago I created Inspired By Boo.

It started off as a space to share all things that inspired me but quickly turned into a space to share my love for baking and food in general.

I have been so grateful for all the followers and support I’ve received so far. Now I excitingly invite you to continue to read (or begin reading) my blog posts at my new site – thenaughtydietitian.com.

The Naughty Dietitian will continue to provide the same style of food that I shared here with you at Inspired By Boo. I have transferred all my previous recipes to my new blog for your viewing pleasure, but now I’m highlighting that I am indeed a Dietitian. Hey, Dietitians are allowed to have a treat too here and there….

So if you have loved reading or baking the treats I have shared with you at Inspired By Boo so far, please feel free to head over to my new site to continue the journey.


Amanda Jackson